Behind the Scenes! – Newborn Photography Session

So today we wanted to try something a little different… a new spin on things.  While this page is mostly dedicated to my wife, Katie’s work, we decided it would be a cool idea for me to do a guest post with some behind the scenes shots from one of her newborn photography sessions.

When it comes to photography, Katie & I usually collaborate on many things… except newborns.  (You can read more about our work together in the About Us section of our portrait & wedding photography page.)  Newborn photography is one area where I have to tip my hat to Katie.  They just aren’t my cup of tea.  I have never seen anyone nearly as patient or calm as she is, and these ultra-serene images are usually the result of some serious patience & attention to detail.

This recent session was with Baby Carly, and this little cutie was no fan of taking a nap!  In the end, Katie got some really great photos of her, but hey, sometimes things don’t always go like you want them to.  In fact, they seldom do…  However, in the case of newborns, I’m pretty sure the baby could be doing jumping jacks while bawling, and I know Katie would nail some great images. She knows this time is fleeting, and she knows how to infuse the situation with a feeling of calmness so that she can capture this time in all its perfection.

At any rate, here’s the setup from the night before… She’s got my Alien Bee (some serious lighting –  I love that thing!), a reflector, and a piles of colorful, richly-textured blankets for the baby.


Next up, we’ve got one of our daughter Sydney’s baby dolls… Yup, for the record, this is not usually part of the deal.  Some people check the lighting with a doll or something, but this was purely our two-year-old looking to get in on the action and “take pictures of her baby like mommy does.”  Oh yeah, and the dog just happened to take a chunk out of this doll’s ear a few weeks back.  (I’m rolling my eyes while typing…)


Here’s a handful of pull back shots from Katie doing what she does best, followed by a shot of Baby Carly’s mommy getting her packed up after the session.





And of course… here’s a sneak peek from the session!  This little girl didn’t sleep a bit, but that’s ok… It set the stage for a bunch of adorable shots of her awake.  A lot of people actually tell us that they love the shots of their newborns with their eyes open.  They always mention that they love how it lets a little bit of their personality through!

c1898 wm

Well, that’s all!  I hope you enjoyed my quick look behind the scenes of one of Katie’s newborn sessions.  I have to be honest… I’m always glad when one of these sessions wraps up…  Katie keeps the house around 90 degrees & uses a space heater on the setup to keep the baby nice & warm.  I’m no fan of having the place this hot!

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