Introducing S18 Photography’s Baby Registry

This week is full of new exciting news!

I am now introducing S18 Photography’s Baby Registry!

As a soon to be new Mom it is inevitable that someone at some point will throw you a baby shower!  Friends and family members want to celebrate and can’t wait to go out and buy you cute little baby clothes, shoes, blankets…you name it they want to buy it for you and your baby!  However, soon enough your baby will outgrow everything that was given to you at your baby shower.  But pictures will truly stand the test of time and will hold the memories that you will look back on for years to come!

I truly believe the gift of portraits will be the most cherished gift you could receive at a baby shower.  They are surely gifts that you or your baby will never outgrow!

I realize that having a new baby is expensive!  I also realize that not everyone can indulge in the extra costs of quality portraits.  That is why I have started the S18 Photography Baby Registry as an option for you to provide to all your shower guests!

Once you book your newborn session I will send you Gift Registry Cards to hand out to all your friends and family and to include in your shower invitations.  Your friends and family now have the opportunity to purchase Gift Certificates in ANY amount that you may put towards prints, products or ANY first year package!



Find out information about our in-hospital, newborn and first year sessions HERE.


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