New offerings at S18 Newborns!!

We are so excited to be able to offer Fresh 48 sessions!

It’s all too common these days for me to be scrolling down my newsfeed on Facebook and come across something like this…


A dark blurry cell phone picture posted by a new parent introducing their new baby to friends and family.  It makes me sad to think that these pictures are all they are going to have to look back on to remember the birth of their new baby.  I have been lucky enough to be able to visit my own family members in the hospital to meet their new babies, and I am always more than happy to take a few pictures to help document that time for them.  I truly hope some day they will look back on those images and cherish them!  So tell me, wouldn’t you much rather introduce your new little one with an image like this?

IMG_2231 WM


Or how about this?

IMG_2245 WM

Or maybe this?
IMG_2249 WM

Fresh 48 sessions are especially for those new families who want the first few hours of their newborn’s life captured!  These sessions are for those that want professional photos in the hospital but do not want to opt for the hospital offered packages.  Hospital photography is not going to include you, siblings or family members. It will be posed, lasting just a few minutes, and won’t capture your baby’s true self or the happiness and joy you all feel at this special time in your lives.

So What’s Included?

  • Fresh 48 sessions are held within the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life
  • They are documentary style sessions and are perfect for remembering those first few days forever
  • This is not a traditional newborn session and will not include posed shots or props, this will just be me capturing your baby’s sweet new moments in a natural way
  • I will come to your place of birth within the first 48 hours (the sooner the better)
  • Sessions will last 30-45 minutes
  • Includes 15-25 digital images
  • Includes a Blog post and Facebook sneak peek for you to share with family within 24-48 hours

Fresh 48 sessions are not meant to take the place of newborn sessions.  These are two VERY different sessions that capture two totally different times in your family’s life.  Although usually only days apart your baby will not even look the same by the time of your newborn session.  So don’t miss the chance to freeze these experiences in time for your family!

Are you excited about this new offering?  Have you heard about our new special sessions for 3-5 Month Olds?  Check it out HERE, you don’t want to miss out!

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