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I wanted to take some time here on my blog to discuss the difference in prints and print labs.  I’ve been wanting to put this blog post together for quite some time now, so here goes!

As a client of ours you invest a good amount of your hard-earned money for a photography session.  We always include digital images with our sessions, because lets face it it’s the digital age and that’s what you want.  You want to share with friends and family and have these images on your computer to enjoy daily.  But what is the point of paying for professional photography but then ordering prints at consumer/pharmacy labs?

It’s so easy to go to a one hour drugstore or even send off those images to online photo websites like Shutterfly or Snapfish, I mean their prints are cheaper right?  But is it really worth it?  While it’s fine to use those labs to print snapshots for Grandma and to have as keepsakes in a photo album, when it comes to prints you plan to hang and display, whether a 8×10 or 16×24, you are just not getting your monies worth.  These prints will be passed down through generations, so wouldn’t you want a print that is going to last?  Something that your great-great grandchildren will be able to have and enjoy one day?

I’ve seen these blog posts done a bunch of times before, but I wanted to see the outcome and results for myself, and be able to show them to my own clients.  I really am just shocked at the differences.  The first image is my original digital file, then the scanned prints from various labs followed by a scanned print from my professional lab.  There really is a difference in quality from the professional print lab.

7991 webprintcompEPSON MFP image


This is just some food for thought when deciding on where and how to print images from your sessions.  We are always here to help you in the process of ordering prints and answering your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask!


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