A little bit about me!





Hi my name is Katie and when I was a soon to be first time parent I had a feeling of doubt in my own ability to be a GREAT Mom.  I understand that you are scared & overwhelmed.  I know that we all want to feel that we are “off to a good start” as a parent, so we are forced to focus on all the”have-to-do’s”.  I was in your shoes just a very short time ago.  With all the mixed emotions when preparing for a new baby, I just wanted the comfort in knowing that things were being taken care of and I didn’t need to worry.   I wanted someone to be understanding and know that what I was going through was new and overwhelming…AND life was changing forever!  After my daughter was born it didn’t take long for me to see my “new life” as finally complete and of course perfect!

I am here to put you at ease and assure you that there is no need to worry!  These fleeting moments of your perfect little baby’s first couple of weeks will be preserved forever.  I will be there to document those tiny fingers and toes and the “squishiness” that will only last for a very short time.

My natural, caring, patient personality will make you feel at ease and assured that for just a few hours you don’t need to worry and you will feel the comfort in knowing that I will take care of you and your baby.  I know for me seeing the perfection in my own baby happened right from the beginning.  I know you, I know where exactly you are in your life because I was there too.  You see your new baby as complete perfection and so do I!